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Carruthers' History

Lets take a moment to remember and celebrate the memory of William H. Carruthers: December 1, 1906 - April 20, 1958.

William H. "Bill" Carruthers was superintendent of Unit District #186 at the time of his death. An acknowledged expert on school legislation and finance, he spent his entire teaching career in the Murphysboro school system. He graduated from Gorham Community High School in 1924. He then received a bachelor of education degree at Southern Illinois University in 1929 and a master of arts degree from the University of Illinois in 1939.

Mr. Carruthers joined the Murphysboro school system in 1930 as principal of Lincoln Grade School. He transferred to Logan Junior High School in 1931 and served there until 1950 when he was appointed city school superintendent. He worked tirelessly for the erection of the new junior high school which was named Carruthers Junior High in his honor.

He held almost every major office in the field of education in Illinois including serving as president of the Illinois Education Association in 1955-56.

He was a member of the First Christian Church and a teacher of a Sunday school class of high-school age students. He was an active member of the Murphysboro Lions Club.

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